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Detox Bath Protect your energy with our new Protection detox bath with Black Obsidian Crystal

Now in 25 ounce bags


Magnesium Chloride Flakes- may help with promoting better sleep, help with achy muscles and joints, clear up skin or help with inflamed skin, pull impurities out of the body.


Hawaiian Black Lava Salt- may promote better skin and hair, can act as a powerful detoxifier pulling impurities out of the body. Has been shown to help with fatigue and achy muscles and joints.


Bentonite Clay- has been shown to promote detoxing of the body and flush out bad toxins and help cleanse and absorb dirt and oil from the skin and help soothe skin and help control acne.


Dead Sea Salt- may help the body rid of toxins and help with the clearing of the skin promoting a healthier smoother skin appearance, may help with fatigue, muscle, and joint pain.


Black Obsidian is a strong protection crystal known for having healing powers while grounding you to the root chakra it is great for cleansing negative energy It's combined with fire, water, and earth elements making a strong healing stone


  • Run a warm bath, Shake the container until it's completely mixed. Take about 3-4 heaping spoonfuls and sprinkle it into the tub. Mix well by moving the water around with your hand. Soak from 15-40 minutes, rinse and towel dry after. Make sure to drink a lot of water after.

    Use with wooden spoon 


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